porch song

by chris head



sittin' here smoking my third cigarette
i'd go to bed but i just haven't yet
thinkin' of you and the things i regret
scared i'll never love this way again

daylight draws near so i guess i'll lie down
when i rise late i'll just wander around
ghosts follow me everywhere in this tiny town
sometimes i think i'm a ghost, too

some things go slow and some others go fast
years in a heartbeat but heartache won't pass
if i die young let me turn into grass
and let your new love lay down on my bed

if ever a new friend fell into my arms
may all these sad lessons keep them safe from harm
i hope someday i can escape from the dark
before it takes me down with it for good

sittin' here smoking my fifth cigarette
one day i'll be happy but i'm not happy yet
stars shine on down from way up overhead
makes me think of the way the world turns


released September 6, 2015



all rights reserved


chris head Asheville, North Carolina

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